CHICAGO (WSCR) When slugger Adam Dunn signed with the Chicago White Sox in the offseason, he brought with him big expectations. But so far this season, Dunn hasn’t quite been the player the White Sox were hoping for.

“The numbers are going to be there at the end of the year, it’s just going to be what’s in between,” former White Sox player and current analyst Bill Melton said on the Danny Mac Show. “As a power hitter you have a tendency to have a long swing…If you’re a ‘handsy’ type hitter you can generally miss about a week and come back and after a day or two get your timing back, because your really just slapping at the ball where it’s pitched.”

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It took Dunn six days to recover after undergoing an emergency appendectomy, and he’s struggled since returning. On the season, Dunn has a .158 batting average with two home runs, nine runs batted in and a .314 on base percentage.

“As a power hitter you’re getting a lot involved [in your swing],” Melton said. “I look at an Adam Dunn, he has a long swing, it looks even longer when he’s in a bit of a funk. Yeah, is he going to strike out? Absolutely. Is he going to strike out 175 times? Probably. I’m looking for 40 or 45 home runs. I’m looking for a guy to carry the team on his back. If that’s what they’re paying him for, that’s what he’ll have to do.”

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