NEW YORK (CBS) — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has taken the test for human growth hormone that he wants to require for all players, according to a report this week.

Goodell told USA Today that he took the test in the past couple of weeks, just in order to see what was involved in the testing, the newspaper reported Monday.

As to whether he passed the test, Goodell told the newspaper he couldn’t say “due to the confidential nature of it,” but he could say he was “proud” of his results.

Goodell said earlier this month that the next labor deal between the NFL and players – whenever there is one – includes testing for human growth hormone.

“We’d be naive to think that people aren’t trying to cheat the system. But we have to have the best testing program to be able to offset that,” Goodell told reporters earlier this month.

Preventing athletes from using HGH is considered a key target in the anti-doping movement. The substance is hard to detect, and athletes are believed to choose HGH for a variety of benefits, whether they be real or only perceived – including increasing speed and improving vision.

HGH use is prohibited by the NFL, but the league’s old collective bargaining agreement did not have testing for it. Goodell said he thinks players “recognize the importance of” adding HGH tests.

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