CHICAGO (CBS) – You think Chicago has financial problems now, just wait until the city gets the bill for the damage caused by all those giant robots.

The official trailer for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” was unveiled Thursday, and Chicago practically gets a starring role in the mini-movie, as warring metallic beings battle for supremacy.  The skyline and individual landmarks like the Wrigley Building and Navy Pier are prominent in the 2 ½-minute sneak peek.

It features explosions — lots of explosions — and computer-generated chaos. Things didn’t look quite that devastating in summer 2010, when director Michael Bay and his all-star cast spent several weeks – and millions of dollars — shooting on prime Windy City real estate.

Spectators mostly saw impressive-looking, fake rubble and burned-out cars along major streets, such as Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue. The magic of digital effects added the shape-shifting, destructive robots.

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is the third movie in the popular series starring heartthrob Shia LaBeouf. The big-budget adventure opens in wide release July 1.

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