Despite being encouraged by the NFL to compensate the Ravens for botching a deal the two teams had agreed to, the Bears say they refused to do so.

“They have rules when you do something wrong, not when people make mistakes.” Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said. “A mistake was made. No rule was broken.”

The NFL decided not to force the Bears into giving the Ravens any compensation. When The Ravens committed a similar mistake in 2003 in a trade snafu with the Vikings, Baltimore was not required to compensate Minnesota.

There’s a notion that Angelo’s reputation around the league may take a hit because of the failed deal.

“There isn’t anybody in this room that hasn’t made a mistake. We made an honest mistake,” Angelo said. “It won’t be my last.”

Angelo believes he has built credibility with his peers during his time in the NFL.

“I’m going into my 31st year in this league,” Angelo said. “There’s been a [heck] of a lot worse that’s been done, believe me, on the clock. And there have been things out there, documented. Let’s not get into judging souls here.”

Angelo says if there’s something to be done, the league will act accordingly. The Bears ended up using the disputed fourth round pick originally offered to Baltimore in Round 2 to trade up with Washington and select Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea.

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