CHICAGO (WSCR) Late in the first round of the NFL Draft, it appeared as if the Baltimore Ravens had made a mistake in not selecting a player with their 26th overall pick. But it would later come out that it was the Chicago Bears who made the mistake.

The Bears failed to call the NFL to confirm with them that they had agreed to swap first round pick with Baltimore in addition to sending the Ravens their fourth round pick. Both teams ended up with the first round players they wanted, but the Bears clearly made a mistake.

“It’s not the first time poor communication has caused the Bears front office some embarrassment, like checking boxes on tender sheets and things like that,” Hub Arkush, of Pro Football Weekly and 670 The Score, said on the Danny Mac Show. “But again, I’m not beating him up for that. I understand they got away with it. I understand the no harm, no foul concept. To me, there’s a very basic premise here, which is honesty and integrity.

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“It wasn’t really gnawing at me until Saturday morning when I get up and I read the Angelo quotes. And his clear position that, well, he doesn’t have any integrity I guess. You don’t get punished for mistakes, your word doesn’t mean anything. I find that terribly disturbing.”

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