CHICAGO (WSCR) Major League Baseball players have more tools at their disposal than ever before. From film study to hitting coaches to pitching coaches to psychiatrists, players can analyze any part of their game down to the smallest details.

But that’s not the way it always was.

“I think when you talk to retired players like myself or a Moose Skowron, it’s see ball, hit ball,” former White Sox great Bill Melton said on the Danny Mac Show. “We kind of simplify it, that’s what we really say, is to get back to the simplest form which is play the game, have some fun with it, but clear your mind.

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“All you you have to do in the on-deck circle with men in scoring position is understand one thing: the pitcher is the guy in trouble, not you. You don’t sit there in the on-deck circle and go ‘oh man, he really has a good slider. What am I going to do?’ You just simply sit there and figure out what pitch he’s going to give you, and don’t miss it. It’s the guy on the mound that’s in trouble. As long as you know that and take that confidence to the plate, you don’t have to think about anything.”