CHICAGO (CBS) – There was free gas for everyone on the South Side Friday — or at least for 103 lucky drivers.

As CBS2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, it was a mix of joy from those who made the cut off — and a little anger from those who didn’t.

Happy was almost an understatement for those at the front of the line to get up to $75 worth of free gas.

“More money for the kids. I’m going to take the kids out this weekend,” Kendall Hill said.

The free gas was a promotion by the “Judge Mathis” show, which paid for it.

The location was supposed to be a secret, announced at 11:45 a.m. on V-103, which is why there were 103 lucky winners.

But by the time disc jockey Ramonski Luv went live from the scene he was at 83rd and State, hundreds were already in line.

In fact, motorist No. 1 had been waiting since 9:30 a.m.

By 12:15, about one third of the lucky drivers had been served. Around 12:25, volunteers delivered the last of the good news to an ecstatic woman who screamed with joy.

However, the man behind her wasn’t happy at all to learn he was number 104.

“I can’t get a consolation prize or something? Damn,” Mario Wright said as he got out of the line to head home on an empty tank.

The gas at the Shell station cost $4.79 a gallon for regular. So, $75 dollars bought about 15.5 gallons.