CHICAGO (WSCR) The return of Jake Peavy, as well as the solid pitching of Phil Humber has presented the Chicago White Sox with a tough decision regarding their starting rotation.

The decision the White Sox made: go with a six-man starting rotation.

“It’s not a particularly good idea,” Steve Stone said on the Boers and Bernstein Show. “And there have been a lot of really smart baseball people that have resisted the temptation of this for, oh I don’t know, 110 years or so…If Humber continues to throw the ball as he has…one of the options open to you, and this might be a decent one, although Jesse Crain has been terrific, I don’t think you can ever have too many great arms in the bullpen. But we have a guy who’s been fairly inconsistent, when he’s good he’s very good, when he’s bad he’s awful, and that’s been Edwin Jackson.

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“But he’s a guy, that if you move him to the bullpen, and I know you’re paying him $8.75 million, but…if he can go up there for one inning, he can throw 98, 99 miles per hour, and if that slider is even in the neighborhood, guys are going to have no chance agaisnt it. So that would be an option also.”