CHICAGO (CBS) — Just a few hours after taking the oath of office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued several new ethics reforms that he says will improve accountability in city government.

The changes were issued by executive order and don’t require city council approval.

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The first bars new political appointees from lobbying city government officials for two years after leaving their job.

The second protects city workers against pressure to give gifts or political contributions to their bosses.

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The third prevents lobbyists from making political contributions to the mayor.

Emanuel also re-issued three executive orders issued by former Mayor Daley that deal with business political contributions to the mayor, city rules barring patronage hiring and an order requiring city employees to report wrongdoing to the city’s inspector general.

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“Chicagoans want to see change in the way their city government does business,” Emanuel said in a statement. “The Executive Orders I am signing today will bring that change by reining in the influence of lobbyists and protecting city employees against pressure from their superiors.”