CHICAGO (WSCR) — Sports Illustrated NBA writer Ian Thomsen says the rest of the Bulls’ NBA Eastern Conference Finals series with the Miami Heat will be a “battle,” and the Bulls remain as competitive as ever.

“I do think it’s going to be a battle. This is the first time they’ve lost to this team all year, and it was bound to happen,” Thomsen said on WSCR-670 The Score’s Mully & Hanley Show.

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Had the tide not turned late in the game, “the Bulls probably would have won that game, the way it was shaping up.”

“LeBron James just made a couple of great plays at the end of the game to pull away, but I still think this goes six or seven games,” Thomsen continued.

Thomsen said he thinks the Bulls will likely top the Heat in one of the coming two games in Miami.

Thomsen also said it is not realistic that the Bulls could play every night the way they did in Game 1, in which everything went perfectly for the Bulls.

“That was just such a spectacular game for them. It went their way that first game,” Thomsen said. “Everything went their way, and it wasn’t because of luck. It was because they made it happen – all the loose balls they got; the great defense that they played.”

Even in Game 2, when Miami was shooting 47 percent, the Bulls still had a chance down the stretch with impressive offensive rebounding.

“I wouldn’t make too much of this one,” Thomsen said.