CHICAGO (CBS) — Some community activists are organizing to fight a proposal to raise the price of a city sticker in Chicago.

They’ve started a petition drive against a plan by Ald. Proco Joe Moreno to raise $21 million by raising sticker prices based on the kind of car you drive.

Raul Montes Jr., who is leading the effort, says: “It’s like everything is going up, parking meters, city stickers now. What’s next? Taxes? It’s difficult to live in the city.”

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The activists gathered on a street corner in Wicker Park, where you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wants to pay more.

“No, I don’t want to pay more for a city sticker. I am paying plenty already,” said one resident.

SUV and pick-up owners would pay $155, up $35.

The owners of smaller vehicles, now paying $75 would pay $95.

Owners of small hybrids would have to pay $25 for a sticker, rather than the current $75 for passenger vehicles, while large hybrids would pay $65.

Ald. Moreno has said longer-term, higher sticker prices would get people to buy more fuel-efficient cars.

Monetes says most people are hurting.

“Not everybody can afford it,” he said. “Maybe he can with his salary. But I can’t personally. I don’t think everybody can go out and buy a hybrid like he can.”

He suggests aldermen cut their salaries and budgets.