CHICAGO (WSCR) Over the three-day layoff between Game 2 and game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals, every aspect of the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat will be dissected and analyzed. But it’s likely the key for Chicago won’t be found after hours of film study, it might be quite simple.

If they hit their shots they win the game.

“That’s the bottom line,” Mike Wallace, of, said on the Danny Mac Show. “I mean, these teams are two of the premiere defensive teams in the league, and someone is going to have to break through and knock down a couple shots.”

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The Bulls and Heat have squared off five time so far this season, with the Bulls winning the first four. In only one of those games have the Bulls shot under 40 percent from the floor, and that was their Game 2 loss (34.1%).

“I know Derrick Rose is kicking himself the last couple of nights for the shot that he missed at point-blank range, I mean they’re all contested, but still,” Wallace said. “LeBron made some shots at the end and Derrick Rose missed some shots at the end, and that’s the difference in these two teams right now.”

If Chicago had hit 33 field goals instead of 28 (40.2%) they would have had at least 10 more points, equaling Miami’s 85.

The Heat have shot over 40 percent in all five games.