By Adam Harris–

Fenway Park, Boston MA (WSCR) –-The atmosphere is electric here at Fenway Park, and that is no exaggeration.

It is obvious that many Chicago Cub fans sprung for a flight and shipped out to Boston for this weekend’s historic series between the Red Sox and Cubs. This is just my rough estimation, but I would say 25% of the park is Cubs fans; however credit for the great atmosphere goes mainly to Red Sox fans.

This is my first time experiencing Red Sox nation in the comforts of their own town, and I must say I am impressed. This fan base gets it.

Everyone intently watches the game. There are no lines to get food or lines at the bathroom when the Sox are up to bat. The fans are cheering on every strike thrown by John Lester, even in the second inning during an almost pointless Alfonso Soriano at bat.

Every one of these fans is wearing some sort of Red Sox attire. I realize that the amount of attire a fan wears doesn’t indicate how big of a fan he/she is, but one can just tell that it is a “thing” here to be dressed in red somehow. If you come to the game without Red Sox gear, you are not considered part of the “Red Sox Nation” for the night, and no respectful Red Sox fan wants that.

I see business men, just off work, with suits wearing a Red Sox cap on their head because they must, and they love it. Everyone, rich or poor, smart or dumb, black or white genuinely wants to be a functioning part of “Red Sox Nation.”

We always talk about the Chicago fan’s passion, especially on the North Side; this discussion always leads to a jealous one-upping battle where Cub fan “A” tries to one up Cub fan “B” to prove that he/she loves the Cubbies more than any other fan. It is not like that here. Fans here are truly banned together to go after one common goal: cheer on and push their team.

There is no competition or jealousy. If you are a Red Sox fan at this park, you are accepted and befriended by your fellow “Red Sox Nation” companions. People aren’t Red Sox fans here because it is, “the cool thing” to do. People are Red Sox fans here because it is a normalcy. It is truly the way of life here in Boston.

I have met many Bostonian Red Sox fans today. After talking with them while riding the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) from downtown to Fenway Park, walking around the park in the 4th, 5th, and 6th innings and hanging out with my cousins five roommates (average age of 25), I must say these fans impressed me. This is game number 44 for the Red Sox but they hang on every pitch like its an elimination game.

This is a refreshing experience. Baseball may be dying all over the country, but not here in Boston.

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