EVANSTON (CBS) — Paper, plastic … or neither?

The City of Evanston has a public hearing a 7 p.m. tonight on a proposal to ban disposable shopping bags – plastic or paper.

Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports that, if the proposal eventually passes, Evanston would become the first town in Illinois to ban disposable bags.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller Reports

The Central Street Business Association of Evanston says it’s all for the greening of the city, but it opposes the ban, saying it’s “just not a way for a city to support the business climate.”

And, the association says, “Who polices it? Can it be realistically policed at all?”

First the idea in the Evanston City Council was a five-cent tax on disposable bags.

Now that’s evolved into a proposed outright ban.