CHICAGO (CBS) — A former Winfield resident is among the lucky survivors of the deadly tornado in Joplin, Mo.

Jordan Aubey already considered himself lucky. He survived a ruptured spleen four weeks to the day before the tornado ripped though his apartment complex on Sunday.

The 27-year-old television reporter looked outside Sunday night when he heard something that sounded like a freight train.

“This thing was taking up everything,” he said. “You could not see the sky. It was just the tornado.”

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He went into survivor mode and took cover in his bathtub.

Then it became airborne.

“The tornado just tried to outright just suck me out of the bathtub,” he said. “So I just held on to the ledge.”

Finally, the tub came crashing to the ground.

Drywall fell on top of him.

He managed to wriggle free.

Friends then took him to the hospital, with a broken hip and several cuts.