VALPARAISO, Ind. (CBS) — Texting naked photos at age 13. The allegations have gotten two kids in Northwest Indiana into a whole lot of trouble this week.

It’s a crime that could leave a child with a criminal record, CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

“It’s disturbing. They’re in middle school,” Valparaiso resident Kema Stevens said.

Stevens had just learned how two students at the school across the street from her home face criminal charges now.

A boy and girl from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, both 13, are accused of sending sexy texts, or “sexting.”

School officials reportedly called police when they found out the kids were texting nude pictures of each other back and forth. Police say the photos were sent back in March and that both students had the photos stored on their cell phones.

In Indiana, sexting can carry felony charges.

But when the people involved are under 21, and their ages are within four years of each other, a new law just approved by Indiana legislators would not require the acts to be considered child pornography. 

In Illinois, a new law is also taking the crime out of sexting when kids do it. The measure means minors would not be arrested for sexting, but the courts could order treatment, including counseling.

Right now, about 12 states are considering measures that would decriminalize sexting for kids. Supporters say that way, a dumb mistake when someone is young doesn’t follow them all their lives.