CHICAGO (CBS) — Blame it on the weather or on the three day weekend.

This past weekend was particularly violent for Chicago Police.

Twenty-six people were shot across the city, six of whom died.

As CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, one of them was a high school sophomore eager to go to her first job interview.

“She was my only daughter, and I was waiting to see her come through the door.” Karla Allen, mother of slain teenager.

But Karla Allen’s namesake, her baby girl, never made it home. Last night the high school sophomore was the victim of a drive-by shooting.

It happened in the 900 Block of west Garfield. Relatives say Allen’s boyfriend was driving, she was in the passenger seat, and another man was in back. They had stopped for the light when a car came up.

“The vehicle drove next to them and brandished a handgun and started firing.”Said Stan West, the victim’s cousin.

Relatives believe the boyfriend was a target, just why is unclear. Police are still investigating. Today, at Tilden High School where Allen was a sophomore friends remembered a smart young woman who was looking forward to a job interview.

“She was the type of woman that when she put her mind to something that she loved she could achieve anything.” Said Johnathan McGee, student at Tilden High School. It’s hard to take it in to know we lost someone over some dumb stuff.

“She was my only daughter and I can never get her back, but give me closure please.” Said Allen’s mom.

The passenger in the back of the car was also shot and critically wounded.

The boyfriend, who was driving the car was not harmed.

In fact, police are looking for him because he ran away from the scene.

They’d like to know who shot and killed his girlfriend, and if the bullet was meant for him.

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