There have been studies linking cell phones to cancer, but when the World Health Organization speaks, many listen.

On Tuesday, the WHO has concluded cell phones could pose a possible cancer risk. With an estimated five billion users worldwide, are they safe? CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman has the story.

It rings, you answer. It’s there, you dial.

“It’s definitely something I need,” said cell phone user Celi Esquivel.

She and everyone else. Stand on any city corner, and you see cell phone user, after user, after user.

“I talk all day….on the cell phone,” said Aisha Polk.

With all that talking, experts say she might be putting herself at a possible increased risk. An arm of the World Health Organization says the electromagnetic waves from cell phones are possible cancer-causing agents. There have been other studies, begging the question: How is this finding significant?

Dr Richard Byrne from Rush University Medical Center said, “This is the first time any major reporting agency has stated cell phones could be related to a form of cancer.”

That form is malignant glioma, the most common type of primary brain tumor. The potential link has Lumina Ispas re-thinking chat habits.

“I want to make sure the kids will be healthy, and I’ll be around to raise them,” said Ispas, “We’ll probably go back to a home phone.”

But the neurosurgeon we met isn’t hanging up his cell.

“My prescription for the masses is it’s ok to use your cell phone,” said Dr. Byrne, “It is worth keeping your eye on further studies, but to abandon cell phones over such a limited possible link, would not be reasonable.”

He says if you want to take precautions, use the cell phone less, or use an earpiece. It keeps the phone away from your head.

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