CHICAGO (CBS) — Steve Baskerville says clear weather tomorrow, but I’m seeing a fog over Chicago, a cover up at City Hall about the police on Memorial Day closing down North Avenue Beach.

It was too hot out there, says the chief of police. People were getting sick from the heat. We had to close the beach, even though that’s never happened before — not that I can remember. A Chicago beach being closed due to heat.

It wasn’t even 90 degrees when the police moved in. So it seems to me the true reason for closing the beach was a fear that gangbangers or rowdies drinking beer might cause trouble, maybe some racial trouble.

It was a good idea to close the beach, a bad idea to cover up the reason. Honesty and transparency will help us know things we need to think about.

That’s what Rahm Emanuel says, isn’t it? That he is the new transparency mayor.

Bravo, Mr. Mayor, but what’s transparent about closing North Avenue Beach is that you’re not being transparent.

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