CHICAGO (CBS) — The head of a wildlife group says it’s still not clear what’s going on with two baby bald eagles that were placed in a rebuilt nest two days ago at the Mooseheart Home.

What the human beings on the ground need to see is proof that the approximately six-week-old eaglets are being fed again – and generally cared for by their parents.

Dawn Keller, founder of Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, says so far, they can’t be sure that’s happening.

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“We are planning tomorrow, if we still don’t have an actual verification that they’re being fed, we will go back up in the nest, we’ll pull each eaglet down from the nest, we’ll do a physical on site and we’ll get a weight on the bird,” Keller said “And make sure that we think everything looks good.”

Keller says there is some circumstantial evidence that the adults are caring for the eaglets – but nothing confirmed.

There’s always the option of Flint Creek Wildlife Rehab raising the eaglets, but Keller says that’s the last resort.