CHICAGO (WSCR) Although it may have been court ordered, the fact that the NFL and players held a “secret” meeting in a Chicago suburb might be a sign that the two sides want to limit the distractions and focus on getting a deal done.

As information from the meeting continues to come out, it seems more and more like the two sides were trying to get down to basics, limiting those present at the negotiations.

“One of the players that was present, and I spotted five of them that came out with DeMaurice Smith, told me that the whole key to the thing was that there weren’t any lawyers,” Brad Biggs, of the Chicago Tribune, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Obviously, ‘De Smith’ is a lawyer, that’s his background, he’s an attorney, that’s how he got his job leading the NFLPA. But the team of lawyers, that the NFLPA has employed, wasn’t present. The team of lawyers, that the owners and league have employed, wasn’t present.

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“So this was a situation for two days, where you had ‘De Smith,’you had Roger Goodell, you had a select group of owners that are kind of in a leadership position in this thing, and you had a group of the core players that were involved. And so the players were able to get face-to-face with the owners, and they were able to discuss the issues. So, you would hope that this would lead to more of these types of meetings toward the settlement, maybe as soon as next week. I don’t know, they didn’t want to give up a lot of information.”

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