CHICAGO (WSCR) One year ago, the Chicago Blackhawks ended 49 years of waiting when they beat the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Announcer Pat Foley was on hand to witness the victory, and his favorite part may not have happened on the ice.

“To watch a bunch of miserable, unhappy people leave that rink on their way home to kick the dog, God it was beautiful,” Foley said on the Danny Mac Show. “I can’t stand that city. I never liked it, and having gone through the finals there, I like them even less.”

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On their way to the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship, the Blackhawks knocked off the Vancouver Canucks in the second round. This year it’s the Canucks playing for the Cup after knocking off the Blackhawks.

Since the two teams started running into each other in the postseason in 2009, they’ve developed a pretty intense rivalry that carries over from the ice to the stands and even to the broadcast booth.

“I think they are whiny and dirty,” Foley said. “Yes, I don’t like them either. I’ve had a few texts from some of the [Blackhawks] players…the other night, when [the Canucks] gave up eight. A couple guys, we were texting back and forth, I can’t repeat the language that was used, but, you know, good on them, I guess I’ll just leave it like that.”

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