CHICAGO (WSCR) Phil Humber is having the kind of season you would expect from a highly touted draft pick, which is exactly what Humber is. However, it didn’t always seem as if he was going to live up to his draft status.

The third overall pick by the New York Mets in the 2001 MLB Draft, Humber is now on his fourth team in six seasons in the major leagues. But it wasn’t until this season, with the Chicago White Sox, that he truly started to perform like an elite pitcher.

“I mean, I got opportunities other places,” Humber said on the Danny Mac Show. “But you know, sometimes you’re just not ready. And probably, myself, I needed to probably mature as a player. And you know, that comfort level, some of it comes from, you know, inside yourself, you know, as far as if you’re confident and know your place, know what you need to be doing. You’re going to feel more comfortable no matter where you are.”

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Originally put into the starting rotation to fill in for the injured Jake Peavy, Humber has a 2.87 ERA, a 0.98 WHIP and a 5-3 record in 11 starts.

“I think over the years, with the experiences that I’ve gone through, the teams that I’ve been on,” Humber said. “I’ve kind of learned, you know, who I am, what I need to be doing out there. So I think that’s kind of all come together so far this year.”

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