CHICAGO (WSCR) The Chicago Cubs’ season is quickly starting to fall apart. And as it does, the likelihood that general manager Jim Hendry will be shown the door at the end of the season increases. But the problems with the team aren’t necessarily all his fault.

The Cubs have a lot of money coming off of the books after this season, although Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Zambrano’s won’t. It’s those overpriced contracts, that the Tribune Company pushed for, that have hindered what Hendry and the Cubs have been able to do recently.

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“Everything that was done in that time period kind of ran contrary to to what Jim Hendry believes in,” Peter Gammons, of the MLB Network, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “He’s a scouting and development guy, and now they’re never alloyed to go spend money on draft choices, which is the only way you get stars, you don’t get washed up players for $18 million per year. And that’s how they went and ownership wanted to do that, and said: ‘Try to go out and win and up the value of it.’ That’s fine, and Jim will end up being sacrificed for that.

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“I understand why management says: ‘You know what? We’ve got to throw the fans a new direction.’ I buy that. I think the Ricketts are very fair people and I’m told they’ve been very fair with Jim, but that time comes, and those changes have to be made sometimes.”