CHICAGO (WSCR) Last season, the strength of the Bears was their defense, the unit gave up the fourth fewest (17.9) points in the league. The offense struggled at times in their first season running the intricate and timing-based Mike Martz offense.

The expectation for next season is that the offense will make significant strides after having more time with the schemes.

“I think you can’t help but grow,” tight end Greg Olsen said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “You know, with just naturally having the second year now under out belt, you know, with all the experience we learned from last year, and the game reps and the game situations that we were able to learn from, you can’t help but, hopefully, you know, execute it better.”

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With the current work stoppage the players haven’t had any time to work with Martz and the rest of the coaching staff, but they’ve been getting together about four times a week to work with each other. While their not under the watchful eye of their coaches, the reps should still equate to more success for the offense whenever football activities resume.

“If we don’t, that falls on us players,m” Olsen said. “And that’s a shame because the amount of practice, and the amount of times we’ve gone through it and heard it, there’s no reason for us not to play better than we did last year. And, you know, that’s on us as players.”

The Bears offense scored 20.9 points per game last season, 21st in the NFL, but ranked 30th in total offense with 4,631 yards.

“We’re going to do our best to go out there and play better than last year and carry more of the load for the team, offensively, than we did last year,” Olsen said. “And I think Coach Martz’s offense is as good as it gets as long as we execute it.”

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