(WSCR) Despite playing better as of late, it’s unlikely that the Chicago Cubs will be able to compete for a playoff spot. As the team soon shifts its focus to improving for the future, Carlos Pena might hear his named mentioned in potential trades.

“I think there’s no question he has value, because his contract is up at the end of the year, which makes him more attractive to teams,” Peter Gammons, of the MLB Network, said on the Mully and Hanley Show.

Pena signed a one-year contract with the Cubs prior to this season. While the Cubs would probably also like to move players like Carlos Zambrano and Alfonso Soriano, their long-term contracts make it very difficult, if not impossible, to do so.

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“I think there will be teams looking for bats,” Gammons said. “Unfortunately, [Pena] doesn’t play the outfield, otherwise I think the Braves would be a very nice destination for him. But I think that you could see him with the Angels. I think you could see him DH. They could go back and forth between first base and DH in Seattle. I think that there’s probably a market in Tampa Bay, take him back there for the rest of the season. There is definitely a trade to be made with him.”

In addition to Pena, Gammons thinks that Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood could be a trade candidates if the Cubs want to move them. If Wood were traded, say to the Yankees, Gammons feels that he would re-sign with the Cubs after the season.