CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel has been telling us all week he’ll have to fire 625 city employees if he can’t raise $20 million. That’s hard to do, he says.

But maybe it’s not heard. How about this, Mr. Rahmbo: Call your pal Mr. Obahmbo in the White House to see if he’ll slip you $20 million out of the $1 billion he’s now raising for his personal politics — a billion dollars to run his campaign for re-election.

He’s chalking up fundraisers coast to coast, picking up $5 million a shot, padding his pockets with 20 to 30 times what you need, Mr. Mayor, to avoid firing 625 city employees.

With just half of what the president will spend on his campaign, he can wipe out your entire budget deficit.

So how about it, Mr. Mayor? Ask of your pal in the White House what you’re asking of your workers in Chicago – a little sacrifice, to save 625 jobs.

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