CHICAGO (WSCR) For most of baseball’s history, saves weren’t kept as an official stat. And still to this day, there’s some debate about how good a former closer needs to be to reach the Hall of Fame. However, one thing is for certain, every major league reliever wants the job.

“We’re all competitors,” White Sox closer Sergio Santos said on the Danny Mac Show. “And I think as a competitor you always want to do your job well, and you always want a challenge.”

Closers enter only the closest of games, and have the smallest margin of error for any pitcher on any staff. Closing out games can be as much mental as it is physical.

“It’s definitely exciting because you’re coming in, you know, just for that one inning, you know, for the most part” Santos said. “And it’s kind of like a challenge for yourself: ‘Hey, you know, can I come in here and get these guys out and not let a run cross?'”