CHICAGO (WSCR) Kenny Williams has a clear message for his players: Lighten up.

As the White Sox continue to struggle against their own division, the White Sox general manager expressed obvious frustration before Thursday’s game against the Twins.

“If we’re as good as we can be then that’s not going to make for a fun summer because I think we are inconsistent right now and I think we’re a tight ballclub,” Williams said on the White Sox pregame show on 670 The Score. “This ballclub is just simply better than the way we have played.”

LISTEN: Kenny Williams on the White Sox pregame show

Williams said he has directly talked to a number of his players about their struggles.

“As I’ve articulated to a number of them — even today — reminding some of them, ‘Listen, whatever the hell has happened up to this point, draw a line in the sand and let’s get after it and let’s focus on winning baseball games instead of your average, or your home run or RBI production, or any of that stuff. Because at the end of the year, even if your numbers are not where they usually are, and you are celebrating in that clubhouse, that’s going to be a heck of a moment, and you can win a World Series if you start with your division. So you can still have a great experience, a great summer, without having a good statistical year.’ I just want them to focus on that. Just day-by-day grind it out and get after it. Lighten up a little bit too. Like I said, we’re a little tight.”