(WSCR) One of the less talked about results of the NFL Lockout has been the negative impact on the fantasy football industry, and for those trying to prepare their fantasy team for the season.

Much like the roster uncertainty and reduced practice time will effect the actual teams, fantasy managers will have less time to develop their draft strategies. And that might mean that they’re left with a strategy by default.

“I think there’s going to be safety,” Paul Charchian, of FantasyVictory.com, said on the Danny Mac Show when talking about the eventual fantasy drafts. “You’re going to feel like Peyton Manning, ‘I can count on him, he’s safe.’ Where as opposed to some rookies or some younger untested guys that usually get a lot of steam and, you know, people get some interest in.

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“They didn’t have minicamps. They didn’t have OTAs. They’re totally in an unsettled situation. And so I think a lot of people are going to want to go to safety [picks] this year in their fantasy draft, and take proven guys in situation where they know what they got and they know the players around them. And even if it’s not as sexy as the newer guys are, they just want to play it safe.”

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