(WSCR) With the length of the NFL season still uncertain, and an NFL Lockout well over 100 days, many football fans are beginning to crave a football fix that they haven’t had since the Super Bowl.

For those fans desperate for some football, help is on the way, in the form of the usual video games, which aren’t halted by the lockout.

“It’s a very interesting time for us,” EA Sports video game producer Ben Haumiller said on the Danny Mac Show. “We still will put out a Madden product. We still will put out NCAA [’12]. We’ll put out our games becuase it’s a chance for you to still have that experience, even if the lockout continues. There’s a chance for you to get that football fix, and that’s our game.”

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The fantasy football industry is hurting right now. With the halt in football activities, the usually popular websites and magazines have very little to talk about until free agency opens up. The fantasy football industry needs there to be a season, the video game industry doesn’t.

“For us, that game is coming out, and you’ll be able to play throughout, and live what it would have been like for the season to have happened, even if it is a lockout situation or a shortened situation,” Haumiller said. “So for us, it’s an opportunity to kind of fill that void. And even for NCAA, you know, a chance to get a lot more attention and a lot more eyes on us that might have previously been focused more on the NFL game, looking more at college and taking advantage of that.”

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