CHICAGO (CBS) Over the last few weeks, the cliché “it’s early” has quickly turned into “it’s time to get going” for the White Sox.

Sure, there is plenty of time left for the White Sox to close their five-game deficit in the American League Central, but there also aren’t many signs indicating that they can actually do it.

Appearing Friday on The Boers and Bernstein Show, White Sox analyst Steve Stone questioned the White Sox’s ability to make a comeback.

“If you can’t win at home and you can’t win in your division then you start thinking about your draft pick for next year and who you are going to trade,” he said.

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Stone hasn’t ruled out the team’s chances of winning the division, but he says his belief in the team will decided in the next 12 games.

“My belief is going to be encompassed in the next 12 games,” he said. “Do I believe right now that if they handle Detroit and take two of three from Kansas City and perhaps two of three from the Indians – who the Sox have beaten four of five – then yes I think there is ample opportunity and certainly plenty of time to do that. That being said, the way the Tigers have handled the Sox to this point, if they continue to do that, then it will be, ‘Man the phones and let’s see who we can move after these next 12 games,’ because six of them are against this same Tiger team. We are very likely to face (Justin) Verlander a couple of times in those six and that becomes a difficult situation.”

Stone also said the Tigers have the ability to be the biggest buyers at the trade deadline, which could prove to be the difference in winning the division. One of the players Detroit is thinking about adding is Carlos Beltran, he said.

“If the Tigers, who have taken on salary in the past … if they make those moves, the Sox are not going to be able to counter any of those by taking on salary, especially of that magnitude. Then it really gives a Tigers a leg up,” Stone said.

The analyst said that if the White Sox don’t perform well over the next 12 games, he could definitely see Carlos Quentin and Edwin Jackson being traded. He also said he spoke to people within the Atlanta Braves organization and was told they are not willing to part with pitcher Brandon Beachy in a trade for Quentin.