By Matt Abbatacola-

CHICAGO (CBS) Matt Garza has had some tough outings this year. You can add Tuesday night’s game to that list. The right-hander went 7+ innings giving up one earned run on four hits. The Cubs lost 4-2 and Garza once again had nothing to show for his effort.

In his 18 starts this year, Garza has 10 quality starts. Of those ten quality starts, he has only 2 victories and 5 no decisions. His other three quality starts actually resulted in losses on his season record despite the fact that in those three losses, he only allowed a total of three earned runs.

Is he frustrated with his team?

“I’m pretty sure that my guys aren’t doing it on purpose. They’re out there and they want to win just as bad as I do. There’s no blame. You don’t blame anybody. That’s the way the ball bounces.”

In four of his last five starts, Garza has thrown 29+ innings allowing only 5 earned runs. In his last 2 starts, he has thrown 13+ innings allowing only 1 earned run and has 2 no decisions.

He still maintains a positive attitude despite his difficult circumstances.

“It’s still baseball and baseball’s fun. Tomorrow I get to wake up and come to the yard and watch a ball game.”

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