By Dave Wischnowsky –

(CBS) One man is in his first full year of managing in Chicago. The other is in his eighth. But, for both the Cubs’ Mike Quade and the White Sox’s Ozzie Guillen, I think their time in the Windy City is up.

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Or, at least, should be.

This week, as Chicago melts, we’ve watched as its baseball managers have melted down. And before everyone completely loses their cool, something has to give.

I suspect that it will this coming offseason.

In a major way.

“Let’s put the negativity behind us, play with some freaking intensity, and continue to work on playing the game the way we need to play – and we’re not,” Mike Quade ranted on Wednesday afternoon after the Cubs’ 9-1 loss to Philadelphia in sweltering temps at Wrigley Field. “And it’s not universal. We have to clean up some specific areas.”

While it was somewhat refreshing to hear the overly upbeat Quade finally lay into some of his players, it was equally curious that what set him off was his young infielders, Darwin Barney and Starlin Castro, misplaying a popup in the high sun at Wrigley. That’s something that many veteran players – Hall of Famers, even – have done over the years, too.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night, the White Sox’s hitless-no-wonders lost 2-1 to Kansas City in 11 innings, and during the game Guillen not only took a foul ball off the cheek, but also took a shot to the Chen afterward.

“To lose a (bleeping) game against Bruce Chen once again,” Guillen said, making Quade’s rant appear tame. “(Bleeping) pathetic. No (bleeping) energy. We just go about the motions. We take the day off today.

“Nothing against Bruce Chen. I have a lot of respect for this kid. But the way we go about it, our approach at the plate, that’s not a good ballclub out there. (Bleep) it.”

Bleep it, indeed.

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Chicago baseball fans know that bleeping feeling. And I think it sounds as if Guillen is just about ready to get the cuss out of Chicago, while it’s likely won’t have a choice but to do so.
Whether he wants to or not.

As I’ve written before, I never felt that Quade deserved the opportunity over Ryne Sandberg to manage the Cubs this season. And while the Cubs’ struggles are hardly entirely his fault, seemingly every game decision Quade has made this year – and we’re talking seemingly EVERY decision – has blown up like a grenade.

I think, by this point, it’s become clear that Quade is in over his head and that the Cubs need a new man running the show in 2012.

(That includes in the team’s general manager seat, as well.)

The situation on the South Side of town, meanwhile, is more complex. While the White Sox are underachieving this year – particularly in light of their hefty payroll additions during the offseason – I still think that Guillen is a good manager. But I’ve always viewed him as someone you can only take so much of, as well as someone who can only take so much of you.

And after eight colorful – and increasingly controversial – seasons in Chicago, I think the White Sox players are just about burned out on The Ozzie Show. And, at the same time, I think Ozzie is itching to change the channel, too. He sounds worn out and at wit’s end.

Guillen has already won a World Series here, he doesn’t get along his general manager and doesn’t believe his team is performing as it should be. With the Florida Marlins very possibly offering up a cushy landing spot this winter – even interim manager Jack McKeon has given Guillen a thumb’s up – all of that adds up to getting out while the getting is good.

And my guess that a frazzled Ozzie opts to take his talents to South Beach this winter, while White Sox brass breathes a sigh of relief and wishes him well on his new Miami adventure.

Yes, it’s been a bad summer of baseball in Chicago. In the hopes of avoiding the same next year, some changes must to be made.

And if you have to start somewhere, might as well try the top.

Dave Wischnowsky

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