CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Chicago cops are furious with police brass over a memo that says an officer who was murdered after guarding Mayor Daley’s home hasn’t been productive since he was killed in the line of duty.

Officer Michael Bailey is listed among a number of other officers whose performance is being questioned.

He’s got zeroes across the board: no arrests, no parking tickets, no traffic citations, no firearms recovered. He does have two awards. Those were posthumous.

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During the time period that Bailey wasn’t performing up to standards–he was dead.

Michael Bailey was murdered after a night of guarding Mayor Daley’s home.

“I had the privilege of knowing Michael Bailey. He guarded my house,” the mayor said during Bailey’s funeral. He went on to say, “He loved the police department, he loved the uniform, he loved his people.”

The memo was written by Chief Tina Skahill, from the Office of Compliance, Bureau of Professional Standards.

It got past other higher-ups, who passed it along, indicating they’d read it.

The blog “Second City Cop” brought this to light.

And it says, aside from the obvious problem of missing Bailey’s name, the existence of a promotion system based on how many arrests and tickets an officer has logged suggests a quota system.

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