CHICAGO (CBS) — A Great Dane from Addison has won the Guinness World Record for the tallest living female dog on earth.

Guinness says Nova measures 35.5 inches from paw to shoulder, as determined by an official measurement by the Lombard Veterinary Hospital.

“We’ve never measured her standing up, but my son is 5-10, and he towers over her,” said Nova’s human, Ann Suplee.

She weighs in at 160 pounds, Suplee said.

Nova consumes 50 pounds of food each week, and spends her free time swimming in the Suplee family’s pool, according to Guinness. And despite her size, she never ends up getting in the way.

“She’s wonderful. We’re used to it – her tail gets in the way, but when she walks by, we hold her tail,” Suplee said. “She doesn’t knock things over. I have a 2-year-old grandson, and he just pushes her out of the way.”

Suplee said her dog is sometimes compared to a horse.

“One gentleman said, ‘Are you getting ready for the Kentucky Derby?’ when I was walking her,” she said.

The tallest living dog overall is still a from Arizona named Giant George, who measured 43 inches in February 2010.

The smallest is Boo Boo, a female Chihuahua from Raceland, Ky., who measures only 4 inches tall and weighs 24 ounces, according to Guinness.

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