CAROL STREAM, Ill. (CBS) — Carol Stream Mayor Frank Savarino says he is looking for ways to assist homeowners whose aged or diseased trees on private property are contributing the town’s power problems

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports, Mayor Savarino says he is trying to figure how the town might help encourage homeowners to take town and replace trees which have been weakened by age, or the emerald ash borer.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports

“They just play havoc in our town, and we talked about (Commonwealth) Edison, OK, ‘How about if we take the tree down,’ and then they say, ‘Well, we don’t want to take the big tree down, and then the tree that’s 40 feet away from the wire gets hit by lightning, falls on a wire, and we’re back out of power again,” Savarino said.

Savarino spoke after a meeting with ComEd, which he said will return in a week or two with its strategy for combating power outages.

The outages have left 5,000 homeowners in Carol Stream during a recent storm.