CHICAGO (CBS) — On my way to sleep tonight, I’ll think of how special a day it’s been for the president of the United States -– his birthday. And oh, what a blast it’s been; in fact, still is.

After his party last night in Chicago, he was at a party this afternoon in Washington, and he’s at another party tonight. And there are more birthday parties on tap for the weekend at Camp David. Truly, an Obama-birthday-palooza.

And the First Lady is sending emails to millions, asking us to wish him a happy one by supporting his campaign for re-election, while outside of Washington and the parties, more jobs are being lost and budgets and life-saving programs being cut.

And the stock market is off more than 500 points, and our 401Ks are being smashed to bits.

The president says he cares about those things, and I believe he does. So my birthday wish is that he act like it.

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