CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s early in the week, and already I’ve discovered my hero of the week – the Chicago Park District official who’s accepting responsibility for the Friday night fiasco at Soldier Field.

There were 10-thousand Bear fans at Soldier Field for Family Fun Night on Friday, locked out, turned away, told “All you people, go home. Family Night’s been cancelled because the field is not ready. Not enough water sprinkled on the sod, so it dried up, causing little space in it. It’s dangerous to run on.

The Park District’s Tim LeFevour, general manager of Soldier Field, said it was “a bad mistake. We watered it wrong. We blew it. My fault. I’m sorry.”

Can you believe it? A city official telling the truth, admitting he goofed?

Wow! Sign up Tim LeFevour to teach a class in the dumbs and smarts of government and politics – dumb to cover up, smart to tell the truth.

Teach it to the mayor, and the governor and members of the General Assembly and the Congress, and the president.

They need to learn what you know, Tim LeFevour – my hero.

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