(WSCR) As the player’s union challenges the Cubs’ placement of Carlos Zambrano on the disqualified list, fans are wondering whether or not the team’s winningest pitcher over the last 10 years will ever pitch again for the Cubs.

The team might be forced to take Zambrano off the disqualified list — which suspends him without pay — but they don’t necessarily have to play him.

“It seems clear now that he’s not going to pitch again for this team,” FOX Sports baseball analyst Ken Rosenthal said on the Mully and Hanley Show Monday. “It’s only a question, it appears, of what the divorce settlement is going to be and how it’s all going to play out.

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“I just believe it’s just a matter of figuring out how to break ties here and it’s not going to be easy because of the amount of money that is due — some 22-plus million — and clearly the Cubs are fed up but you could make the case that they should have been fed up quite awhile ago.”

So what are the Cubs’ options?

“Maybe this offseason they could make the equivalent of the Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva trade,” Rosenthal said. “If they did it with Milton Bradley it stands to reason they could do it again. But again, what are you getting for your money.? That’s the question and you’re not going to get a whole lot out of the rest of that deal.”

The Cubs actually managed to save money on the Bradley-Silva deal, but that’s likely not going to be the case if they are able to trade Zambrano. No team is going to trade for the pitcher without the Cubs paying off most of the remaining money.

“If you’re another team looking at this guy, are you going to take that on? There’s no way,” Rosenthal said.

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