CHICAGO (CBS) — Excuse me, please, if I’m a little shaky. My bones have been rattled all day by the fighter jets practicing for the Air & Water Show. 

Being outside today was like trying to hide from Armageddon, under attack, and wondering why. We’re a peace-loving nation, protected by those jets, and thankful for and proud of the pilots who fly them.

We know how good they are. They don’t have to prove it on a tranquil afternoon. Must they rock-‘n-roll us off the street, make babies cry, cause a farmer at a market to drop his tomatoes?

And again tomorrow and the whole weekend, enough noise to rattle us all, if not make us deaf, at whatever the cost we will pay to fuel the jets.

Not to mention the danger and what the traffic will do to the lakefront for three days, and the police from the neighborhoods who will be re-assigned to control the crowds.

I’m all for the air and the water. Dump the show.

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