CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Cubs fans are thrilled with the news that general manager Jim Hendry got the axe, saying the move was long overdue. Others say it’s not right to kick a man when he’s down.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports that an informal survey of fans at Wrigley Field found that the supporters of Friday’s move far outnumbered the detractors.

The “Friendly Confines” didn’t seem that friendly on Friday if you were Jim Hendry.

Cubs fan Terri Golwitzer, of Bradley, Ill., said, she “couldn’t be happier. It’s about time. It’s a long time coming.”

Russell Moore of Arkansas said, “I think it should have happened a lot sooner.”

George Golwitzer said, “The team needs to change. You know, they’re not going anywhere with him in charge.

STORY: Hendry Out As Cubs GM

Even Cardinals fans were jumping on the “Goodbye, Jim” bandwagon.

“Hey, if you’re not winning, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.”

About the only person in the stands without an opinion on the matter was State Rep. Franco Coladipietro (R-Bloomingdale).

“I don’t comment on cubs management. All I know is I’m at the ballpark having a good time,” he said. “And I wish the Cubs the absolute best.”

But Hendry did have a few sympathizers.

Jerline Schaffer said, “I feel bad for him.”

Roy Higgs said, “I think that was a bad move. … He did good for the city. I think he brought in a lot of good players.”

Leonard Amari said, “Whatever his record is as GM, the guy’s a really classy guy. He went out with style, he didn’t bum rap the club.”

But many of the most diehard fans say the last few years under Hendry’s leadership have been painful at best.

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