(WSCR) It’s not uncommon for managers and front office members to go to the broadcast booth and vice versa. As a result, Cubs fans are already speculating whether former Cubs television analyst and current White Sox analyst Steve Stone would be interested in the general manager job on the North Side.

The short answer?

“Absolutely not,” Stone said on The Boers and Bernstein Show on 670 The Score Friday. “I will not be part of any conversation that includes GM next to the title. So that’s one thing that I can definitively say.”

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But that doesn’t mean Stone wouldn’t entertain other jobs with the Cubs or other places in Major League Baseball.

“A senior adviser? Well, certainly it’s something to entertain,” Stone said.

The White Sox analyst detailed how many jobs there are underneath a general manager and said part of his job as a broadcaster has made him very prepared for those duties.

“In my job as a broadcaster, I spend a lot of time talking with managers and general managers of other teams and most players of other teams,” Stone said. “So I’ve got a good handle on just exactly who are the guys who can really help you win and who are the guys you just assume send to the team you are competing against that they think can help them win. And I think that’s really important when you put together a team.”

But don’t mistake Stone’s comments as a desire to get out of his current job with the White Sox.

“I have a very nice contract with the Chicago White Sox,” he said. “I enjoy what I do. I love coming to the ballpark every day. That being said, you have to entertain anything that’s proposed to you. But before you can entertain anything, it has to be proposed to you.”

Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts might want to take note of that.