CHICAGO (CBS) — Hi there, and thank you for listening to what I’ll bet you’re tired of hearing: the same news every night about more and higher taxes, another new tax, or another old tax with a new tax hike.

The governor and the mayor telling us ad nauseam how sad they are, and how sorry they have no choice but to raise taxes — the sales tax, income tax, the corporate tax.

And now the property tax — raise it for schools. And the tollway fees, raise them for roads. And the Metra fees, they’ll be next.

The politicians are taking what we earn, and looking for ways to spend it – bloating their budgets and making promises we know they won’t keep: smaller classes, better buses, more police. Promises they always make when raising taxes.

When campaigning for re-election, as they always are, making promises they know they won’t keep. So how about laying off the promises and at least trying for a few days to lay off the taxes.

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