(WSCR) It’s no secret that things haven’t exactly gone the way the White Sox wanted them to when they declared they were “All In” last winter.

And while their playoff hopes aren’t exactly extinguished, they are certainly starting to flame out. Now the question is, will the same winds blowing the fire out lead to change on the South Side of Chicago?

670 The Score’s Dan Bernstein said Friday on The Boers and Bernstein Show that the rumors tying Ozzie Guillen to the Florida Marlins may be more real than most White Sox fans want to believe. Meanwhile, General Manager Kenny Williams is still on the hook for the disastrous signing of Adam Dunn and the more than questionable waiver claim of Alex Rios in 2009 and White Sox television analyst Steve Stone said those moves won’t be ignored by Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf in the off-season.

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“Those are moves that Kenny made and unfortunately they haven’t worked out,” Stone said on The Boers and Bernstein Show. “We’ll see what happens next year. I don’t know what the chairman is going to say when he takes a look at the eventual attendance figures and says, ‘OK we were all in this year, we did whatever we could, we spent as much as we could and yet we weren’t drawing quite as well because the team wasn’t near as good as we thought it was going to be.'”

White Sox players and coaches maintain that the team is better than they have played for the last five months, but Stone believes the results say otherwise.

“It will tell you that this is a mediocre baseball team and when I keep hearing about (how) it’s a better team than it’s played, actually the league tells you how good your team is and when you’re not doing as well as you thought you should, the league is telling that you maybe overestimated the ability that you had,” Stone said.