RICHTON PARK, Ill. (CBS) — A school bus driver dropped off a five-year-old boy at the wrong stop in Richton Park on the first day of kindergarten earlier this week.

Kadir Randle was dropped off in the Lioncrest subdivision in Richton Park and the mother of another student at his school later found him wandering the subdivision.

Kadir’s mother said the bus driver dropped her son off in the wrong place after Kadir’s first day of Kindergarten at Illinois School in Park Forest.

“My child’s safety was at risk,” Chiqueta Harris said. “The school dropped the child off at the wrong location, with no adult supervision, and just walked away.”

She was waiting for her son at the correct stop at Euclid and Brighton Lanes and, about 30 minutes after the bus was supposed to show up, she called the school to report the late bus. The woman who answered the phone told her not to worry and that the bus would get there.

A few minutes later, the school later called her back to say Kadir had been found when another mom found him crying and wandering around the subdivision and she brought him to safety.

Matteson School District 162 associate superintendent Brian Ali said Kadir’s case shouldn’t have happened. He said the district has teachers riding the buses for the first week of classes to make sure kids get off at the correct stop.

Ali said every precaution will be taken to make sure buses drop kids off where they should be.

Students have cards on their backpacks that include their name and the location of their bus stop.