CHICAGO (CBS) — Two months after Illinois passed a law requiring that all passengers wear seat belts, the head of the State Police force is giving troopers some wiggle room in enforcement.

New State Police Director Hiram Grau said in a written statement that troopers can use their own discretion in giving tickets to seat belt violators.

Grau says after a review of seat belt policy, troopers can choose to write a ticket or warning for those caught without a belt.

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Department spokeswoman Monique Bond says this doesn’t mean drivers or passengers who fail to buckle up will get a free ride.

“Illinois State Police troopers are not relaxing seat belt safety enforcement,” she said. “You still may get a ticket … We believe that the discretion of the trooper .. can be used.”

Grau said those who inadvertently skip the seat belt can get off with a warning but those with previous warnings or who fail to restrain a child should get a ticket.