CHICAGO (WBBM) — Now that the legislature has finally sent Gov. Pat Quinn a bill that would raise electric rates to help pay to modernize Illinois’ power grid, Governor Quinn is making no secret that he will veto it.

“We’re for a comprehensive energy bill in Illinois that involves the smart grid, but we’re not, as consumers, we are not going to accept an unfair bill that raises our rates, that doesn’t have top-notch service quality standards,” he said. “The company has had a terrible summer at delivering reliable electric service to the people and they have a lot to answer for. So we have to get that straightened out before we let them have any kind of new bill.”

Quinn said he wants the service problems “straightened out” before he agrees to any such bill.

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The governor said he intends to lay out a blueprint in his veto message telling lawmakers how he believes the bill could be improved. But sponsors remain confident that they can override the veto.