CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’re watching this newscast, you are not watching Mayor Emanuel at a party in Chinatown, in which case you’re missing something you ought to know about — another politician poking his nose into our courts.

Mayor Rahm is raising money for a Cook County judge running for re-election. He is selling private audiences for $2,000 each that he’s giving to a judge whose husband is the mayor’s friend and personal lawyer.

And Mayor Rahm’s also sticking his nose into the Illinois Supreme Court, pledging to raise money for a justice who ruled in his favor on that famous residency case.

That’s why politicians and their pals win so many court decision. They do favor for judges. They nominate and put on the ballot candidates for judge, and raise money and order their precinct captains to campaign for judges while insisting they are not buying judges.

OK, then, prove it. Take your noses out of — and your hands off of — our courts.


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