CHICAGO (CBS) — Does the name Joe Walsh ring a bell, the Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois who’s thumbing his nose at his colleagues and at the president of the United States, boycotting the president’s address to a joint session of the Congress?

I was aiming tonight to go after Joe Walsh for being ill-mannered and disrespectful of the president and for disregarding the traditions of our government and being irresponsible by not taking part in the joint session — for being rude and a jerk just to get himself on TV.

Well, I’ve changed my mind about Joe Walsh because I know that in our democracy he’s doing what is perfectly OK to do — taking a stand on what he believes, expressing the views that got him elected. He believes Barack Obama is wrong, so why not say it on TV? That’s what the president did tonight — said what he believes on TV.

Good for them both, and good for us — hearing from them both.